Product Line Overview

Packaged Air Conditioning Systems and Heat Pumps

This type of system includes both cooling and heating in the same central package system. These packaged HP can be installed on the roof or on the ground. All existing duct work can be fitted to join seamlessly into your new air conditioning system. We fabricate these transitions to your exact measurements. From 2-25 tons.

Split Type Gas Furnace or Heat Pump

Most newer homes have this type of system because they can fit the inside air handler or furnace either in a closet, the garage or in the attic space. There is also an outside condensor that actually houses the compressor. These systems are very popular and can easily be upgraded to really high efficiency systems up to 21 SEER. 2-20 tons

Wall Mount Ductless Room Air Conditioners or Mini Split systems

AThe most versatile type of air conditioning system. Easily cools or heats ANY Room in your home or office. The biggest advantage is that it DOES NOT NEED AIR DUCTS! Provides cooling without having to cool the whole house if it is not occupied. Perfect for room additions, garage enclosures, computer rooms, living room, studios.

Duct Cleaning and Sanitation

Most homes have dust, particles and countless airborne pathogens that just tend to circulate in the air and after awhile alll of this accumulates in the duct system. This can cause respiratory illnesses or more frequent episodes of asthma attacks or allergies. This service can greatly enhance the air quality of your home. Ask us now.

Unique Services

Extended Warranties

We offer our clients the ability to get an even greater peace of mind with our B Air Comfort Care Plans. Ask us

Competition Analysis

We won't be beat. We know our market.

Air Conditioning Guys are experts in the air conditioning industry and we know our competition. We have the highest purchasing volume of any company in this region, because we have 8 other retail stores. This is why we pass on the volume pricing to our clients.